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I was on the phone trying to resolve an issue with my credit card. This was the 3rd call I made and no one seemed to be able to handle a very simple problem. The last person I talked to , "Glen" was EXTREMELY rude to me. He talked over me and would not listen to what I was saying. I finally instructed him to document the conversation on the account, told him he was rude throughout the entire call, said "thank you" and hung up. I could... Read more

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You obviously did not know the terms of this account. It is interest free for a specified time after which there is interests. If you pay the minimum payment, it will NOT pay the balance within the interest free period. Simply take the original amount and divide it by the number of months and budget that amount to pay within the interest free period. Did you think Care Credit paid the bill for you like it was a charity and you owed nothing?... Read more

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Warning Everyone who has any CDs and IRAS Synchrony Bank has paid June interest incorrectly. They argued all day with me, only to have some *** call me back who did not have a clue what he was talking about and state it was correct. Statements all say 6/01/2016--6/30/2016 and rightly so, however they paid only 29 days of interest, 1 days interest magically disappeared.. Only after demanding to speak with a Supevisor, did she then admit they had... Read more

Was this review helpful? 2 0 Store Card issued to person unknown who used my identity fraudulently. Card did come to me by mail with sticker 'NO ACTIVATION REQUIRED' (and over $4500 in charges before I got it). How does that protect my identity? Company is willing to investigate, but this is after the fact. How about nvestigating the practice that allowed it!

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I may seriously do research to see if we can file a class action suit against Synchrony. I am about to pay my balance in full in July and I can already anticipate thanks to your candid comments that they will close my account and reduce my credit which will make my credit score tank even further. I have had similar issues with Synchrony -- a payment that was confirmed to go through by phone turns out was "REJECTED" via the Auto Pay system. I... Read more

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My CD came due in June, and I decided not to review. I sent a email using their secure system. I contacted the bank on May 22, and verified the information and routing numbers. I did not receive my money after the maturity date. I called and was advised it takes 2-3 business day. Waiting 3 more days, still no money, I called again and after 22 minutes on the phone was advised I would have my money the following morning. WRONG, still not in... Read more

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Every call i made to use my card (That's apparently not a creadit card)! I was told yes i can make that purchase and then go to use it and by another i was told i could not! Each time not being able to hear the person on the other end ofthe phone or for that matter understand them because (Thier) volume was low however thier on hold music wad blairing!? I asked to switch to a lowes card so that i would actually be able to use it and was told i... Read more

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So I just received a letter from Synchrony bank stating that they had closed my account based off of other credit history that had nothing to do with them, but I was in good standing and paid off my debt with them, I'm highly upset because I use this card for my pet Care services, how can you ever establish anything good if it is taking away from you. The same credit history was there when I applied for the card that they granted so please... Read more

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In 20+ years of having credit cards, I have never seen a bank that is so screwed up, with worse reviews and with such terrible third world country outsourced non-existent customer service. I have never had a credit card report my credit card balance until the monthly statement date has passed. That's credit card 101. Synchrony Bank in the last 60 days on multiple credit cards (Lowe's and Walmart MasterCard) is reporting BALANCES wrongly to all... Read more

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Check cashed but payment went to wrong account? Customer service rep. VERY rude. Would not try to find payment. Happened with Sam's card. Asked Sam's to shred card. Got home, called and got another rep. who found problem in three minutes. First customer service rep. a real bi---! She should be fired!

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