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Got a credit Card $700.00 limit, got this at a credit score of lower 600's.

I have a great job! 62K without overtime and bonuses.

I owed $$0 dollars. I paid everything off in full!

They closed My card account without warning!!!

My credit score is in the 700's now.

They was making no interest off me probably why, I called to ask why? close my card?

They are even cowards! Wont tell me why just keep getting there a letter in the mail! Ok Wal Mart??? Why are you paired with this company?????

Stay away.... {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Financial Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Look at the law, they don't have to give you a warning that they will shut you down. All they have to do is let you know when rates and such change.CC companies only have so much credit to give. If you're camping out on unused credit, they will lower or close your account without warning and shift your credit to someone else.They are in this to make money, not raise your credit.Google up why was my credit card cancelled for more details.

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