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Update by user Apr 18, 2017

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I received my "updated and corrected" statement today - NOT! Not resolved at all.

On the phone for over 2 hours today with different people at Synchrony and finally talked with Supervisor who informed me I needed to call HHGregg Corporate Office because they are handling issues for their stores that are going out of business. Supervisor gave me an 800 number for HHGregg. Guess what? Been on hold with that number now for over 45 minutes.

Will wait for an hour on speaker phone and them I'm DONE! Pretty sure I'll never get through to them, either. The Synchrony Supervisor did tell me that in addition to me calling the HHGregg 800 number, she will ALSO have someone from Synchrony contact me to help me resolve my issue, but it will take 3-4 business days before I hear from them. At this point, I said I would give Synchrony 7 business days (lenient I think) to contact me.

If I don't hear from them within that time frame, I will DEFINITELY be calling the Better Business Bureau. By the way, as soon as I mentioned BBB today with Synchrony representative, he immediately told me he would transfer me to a supervisor - because I "threatened a higher organization". Hmmmmm... makes me wonder if they hear this "threat" often.

Anyways - nothing resolved and still working on it. So tired of this stuff!

Update by user Apr 14, 2017

Amazingly - AFTER I posted this complaint AND sent an email to the head "honchos" at Synchrony Financial (email addresses obtained via Elliot.org), my account is now fixed - or at least that's what they're now telling me. I followed up with a call to Synchrony again 3 days after I emailed.

This time I talked with a customer service person named Richard (who actually spoke perfect English). I explained my issues once again, including the part about me now having a copy of the email from HHGregg that shows a return email message received from Synchrony saying the Synchrony mailbox is full. Richard pulled up my account and told me that as of that very moment, the extra amount I owed for the microwave had now been transferred to the promotional package deal and that ALL charges (interest and the extra $25/month fee I had been paying) would be deducted from our total purchase price. He said that I would see that the corrections had been made on my next statement.

During the conversation with Richard, he was talking with another person in the background. This other person was giving Richard information about my account and helping him answer my questions. I can only assume that this other person may have been a supervisor who was possibly contacted about my account and my issues as a result of my emails, and also due to my post on Pissedconsumer.com; however, I did not receive an actual response to the emails I sent to the company. I find it very interesting that all of a sudden my concerns have been addressed, especially since in each past contact with customer service i was informed that the representative I was speaking with had NO way of knowing whether HHGregg had sent in a change notice or not.

And how in the world had Synchrony Financial even received the change information (via email) from HHGregg if their email box was full? Right. I don't think they did actually receive the email from HHGregg - I personally believe that the change and update to my account was made based on MY complaint form, emails, AND my pissedconsumer.com message. I guess I'll never know for sure, but I think it's rather curious that everything fell into place only after I took further steps with Synchrony.

So thanks to pissedconsumer.com and Elliot.org for helping me out in this situation. I guess I'll now have to wait until my next statement to see if this complaint was actually handled correctly or if Richard and Synchrony were just telling me what I wanted to hear.

If it hasn't been corrected, you can bet I'll be back here to file another complaint! Thanks!

Original review posted by user Apr 10, 2017

This is a copy of a complaint I filed with Synchrony Financial via a "complaint form" I found at Elliot.org. This company is a farce and I'm pretty sure my issue will not get resolved, meaning that I'll be paying a LOT MORE $$$ for a $150 charge than I should have.

Interest, but the extra $25/month for 2 plus years! HOPELESS! I will never use Synchony Financial again. I also sent a copy of this email to other contacts I found on Elliot.org site - the "higher ups".

We'll see if anything happens. Here's my beef: I am an extremely upset customer! Long story, but will try to minimize my comments. I purchased appliances at HHGregg by applying for credit from your company.

I received all but ONE correct appliance in the 4 appliance package; however, all appliances (all 4, even though I only received 3 of the correct appliances) were purchased with the 3 years same as cash option on Synchrony credit. Since the store didn't have the correct microwave in stock to complete the package order, they provided me with a "loaner" microwave until the correct microwave came into stock. This loaner microwave was a cheaper model than the microwave I purchased as part of the package deal. FINALLY, the last CORRECT appliance (microwave) arrives - about 4 months after the original purchase of the 4-appliance package.

Since the "loaner" microwave was cheaper than the correct microwave, the difference in cost was now added to my Synchrony account as an adjustment; HOWEVER, THIS ADJUSTMENT WAS NOT ADDED ONTO MY ACCOUNT AS PART OF THE PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE. Upon multiple contacts over the last 4 months with my salesperson at HHGregg, AND WITH SYNCHRONY customer service, this last item - the microwave, still HAS NOT been added as part of our original promotional package. We are PAYING interest on this microwave and our monthly payments have increased $25 per month! HHGregg indicates that every time they email the promotional change paperwork to your company, they get a return email message back saying YOUR EMAIL BOX IS FULL!

I now have a copy of this HHGregg email and the message (email box is full) in my possession. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! What kind of company does business this way. Absurd!

And, to top it off, every time I contact Synchrony I can't understand the person on the other end, and they have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to try and help me. What happened to using caring customer service people who actually speak unbroken ENGLISH? All they say is that they haven't received the appropriate paperwork. Imagine that!

I'm so angry and frustrated at this point. I'm ready to get on social media every where AND contact the Better Business Bureau with my concerns. At this point, I have not other recourse - unless, of course, this form does some ACTUAL good - which I have serious doubts about.

Please contact me ASAP at the phone number I have listed. This matter must be resolved soon - especially since HHGregg has filed bankruptcy and is, for all intent purposes, defunct!

Product or Service Mentioned: Synchrony Financial Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service-lack of resolution-poor english speakers, Incompetence, Customer service, Not helpful, Unavailable.

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Gurnee, Illinois, United States #1326702

Sounds like you had a bad experience, with, Synchrony. First off, when, you, call, customer service, you expect them to speak good, understandable english.

So do I.

And, when you, make a purchase, under, promotional, terms, they should, totally, not, partially, honor, they're own terms. They , totally, suck .

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