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It has taken me 3 phone calls to try to have my account corrected because it is showing I have a past due amount because I made my payment so early it wasn't in the new billing cycle yet. No one in customer service can understand this so now my payment for next month is doubled. I will never pay early again and will NEVER get another card with this company because you cannot get anything resolved once you find someone who can speak descent English!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $58.

Preferred solution: Apply my payment correctly so that it is not showing an amount past due and my next month payment is correct!!!!.

I didn't like: Do not credit your payments, Customer service.

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This just happened to me too. They are charging a late fee too.

I bought a mattress at Matress Firm 0% interest.

I am ahead of my payment schedule. I did all my bills on first of Month and they said it’s not due till 3rd of Month.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1224856

Petition and boycott Synchrony bank!


They did this to me as well. I got charged a late fee for paying 5 days after I received a statement.

The lady I spoke to said that since it was paid too early, their system didn't register the payment, therefore was charged a late fee. I asked her to repeat the words "you were charged a late fee for paying early" to hear how ludicrous that sounds.

Needless to say, I just paid off that card, so it will be shredded ASAP. I will NEVER get a card with Synchrony again.

Beckley, West Virginia, United States #1127962

I feel your pain. This is happening to me right now.

How can they say you are late when you are actually early. 2 months in a row before I realized it. They will forgive one "late fee" only.

I keep arguing that it is not late it was early. I was their fault not mine.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1113061

You should not have a credit card if you don't know how they work. If you're carrying a balance, any amount you pay within a billing cycle is applied to that balance.

You don't just get to prepay your bills for months at a time.

That's how all credit cards work. Welcome to the wonderful world of credit card debt.

to Dan #1113199

Well first of all, I have had credit cards for 30 years and have never had this issue, but thanks for welcoming me. I know how the billing cycle works and I wasn't trying to prepay bills for months at a time.

The next months amount was already posted otherwise I wouldn't of known the amount to pay because it changes as the balance goes down. This is why their logic of not being in the billing cycle yet made no sense but because I couldn't get a customer representative that could understand me or me understand them made this so difficult to convey. I paid the bill 2 weeks before the due date but am not sure where it was applied and then they tried to charge me a late fee.

So as it stands out of dealing with several financial companies on all my credit cards over the years this company is the only one to EVER pull this kind of ***. And this is a site to voice your anger at a company and to warn others of your experience, so this was mine!!

to Anonymous #1124881

Don't you just love knowitall hit-and-run commenters who think they solved your problem from skimming through your complaint and instantly concluding you're just an *** with no real room to complain? They think they're truly brilliant big men when they complain about complaints on a website. Easily the worst part of pissed consumer.

to Dan Beckley, West Virginia, United States #1127969

Everyone is a know it all. I have NEVER in over 50 years of having credit ever been charged a late fee before.

There is nothing on my bill that I get every month that says pay by the 3rd to avoid a late charge but do not pay again before the 9th when our billing cycle ends. If I had seen this I might have prevented the 2 late fees. Each time I made the payment after the 3rd I just assumed it would be applied to the next month.

We are not all a financial genius like you appear to be.

to Linda #1589120

After research I found this bank has had hundreds of complains about all the way they handle credit cards. They are the bank of some very popular business cards.

Now that I know this, I will be CAREFULLY paying off these accounts & closing the 2 cards I have.

Below is a link to find which cards use this bank.

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